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Why Choose Evolution Fires When Buying an Electric Fire Suite for Your Living Room?

There are many options in electric fireplaces these days, and they mainly differ by their style and manner of installation. One of the most popular options is the electric fire suite, an all-in-one solution with the inset fire, back panel, and surround or mantelpiece. Evolution Fires is one of the most trusted manufacturers of electric fire suites in the UK, making them the best source when choosing to invest in one. But if you’re not sure about buying from them, we’ll give you some reasons why you should.

Support local!

Evolution Fires is based in the UK, with a manufacturing facility in the village of Burscough. All products, including their range of electric fire suites, are built in-house by a skilled team of craftspeople. This way, they can customise your electric fire in a range of finishes and materials to create the perfect fireplace that satisfies your expectations.

When you buy an electric fire suite from them, you are assured of the highest quality product, worth the investment for your home. Evolution Fires has a total experience of 30 years in the hearth industry. So they understand that there is no substitute for quality fires, especially when it comes to electric fireplaces. Thus, they aim to deliver only the best in their industry.

Fast and reliable

If the product is in stock, Evolution Fires can generally dispatch it in the next working day. However, allow three to five working days for a custom electric fire suite. Once the courier collects your product, you will receive a tracking number, and you can expect delivery within two to five days. Evolution Fires has a shipping checklist you can refer to for a step-by-step guide.

Easy ordering

Browse the online catalogue to explore the products and learn more about them, like the specifications, features, customisations, sizes, installation, and delivery info. Once you have decided on a fire suite, you can easily place your order online. If you are unsure about something, a friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is ready to assist and provide tailored advice to help you make an informed buying decision.

There is a fire suite for everyone.

The collection of fireplace suites includes minimalistic, contemporary, and traditional designs to suit most living rooms. Electric fireplace suites by Evolution Fires are convenient and easy to install. So they instantly transform a space into a welcoming and comfortable abode without the need for a traditional fireplace and a chimney. The products won’t require costly and complex installation. Just pick a product, choose the room where you want it to be, plug it in, and switch it on with the push of a button.

Neon and Nirvana are two of the current offerings at Evolution Fires. Both showroom quality electric fire suites are built in the UK and are ideal for modern homes without a chimney. These fireplaces will provide a cosy and lovely flame, with or without heat.

Fully assembled and ready to use

It’s more convenient to buy an electric fire suite because it will be delivered to you fully assembled and ready for installation on the wall. No matter the shape, colour palette, or size you want, all the components of the fire will complement one another, resulting in a seamless and perfect look. The fire suites are perfect for your bedroom, living room, conservatory, extension, or any place in your home. They sit against any flat wall, eliminating the need for a recess or chimney.

Evolution Fires Neon and Nirvana electric fire suites are floor-standing, surface-mount units with small crystals and logs on the fuel bed. Their heat output ranges from 800W to 1600W, emitting from the front centre. Both are CE approved, so you are assured of their safety and quality.

Aesthetically pleasing

Evolution Fires choose versatile designs and colours that can work with any home interior or décor. These include colour options like cream, grey, and white. This way, the electric fire suite can transform the look and feel of a room by serving as an eye-catching centrepiece. The surround or mantelpiece is part of the suite and fitted around the fire for a touch of luxury and modern style. It is customisable in a range of finishes and materials, so you should find something that can suit your home’s aesthetics.

One of the most remarkable features of Evolution Fires’ fire suites is the highly sophisticated three-sided flame. The Panoramic HD+ 3-sided flame feature lets you view the flames from the front and the two opposite sides of the fireplace.

Easy to operate

Every electric fire suite from Evolution Fires is fully remote-controlled, but you can also operate yours from a touchscreen panel. The heat setting is independent of the flame effects. So, you can use the fireplace without it at any time of the year. You can adjust the heat to your required temperature to serve as supplemental heating on colder days.

Customisable effects

You can change the colours of the flames and the media bed to match your mood, create a specific ambience, or complement your décor. The three different flame colour options are dimmable, and there are ten media bed colours you can control from the touchscreen panel.

Worry-free use

Evolution Fires provides a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for all their electric fire suites. Remember to register your fireplace’s warranty with them as soon as you receive or install the product. The 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee covers the electric firebox, valid from the purchase date. If you find any faults during the active guarantee period, contact the customer team by phone or email to let them know.

Customer-centric service

If you are not completely satisfied with the electric fire suite, you may return it within 14 working days and get a full refund. Returns are also allowed if you think you received incorrect or defective products. Remember to notify Evolution Fires within 14 days of delivery and ensure the product is in its original packaging and condition. The full refund is for the purchase price and excludes the return shipping costs.

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