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Fire Surround Hidden Fixing Brackets

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No more ugly mirror clips and visible screws!

These fixings enable the fixing of wooden fire surrounds & radiator covers to the wall

Simply fix the brackets to the wall and align the second bracket to the surround and then you can lift it on and off.

If you wish to redecorate simply lift the surround or cover off the wall.

Allows a real contemporary look with great functionality at a bargain price.


£12.99 ( Price includes VAT & Delivery )

Are you worried about unsightly screws and mirror clips that could ruin the look of your electric fireplace? No problem, you can hide them with fire surround fixing brackets. We offer complete fixing kits designed for fireplaces and radiator covers and they’re perfect for achieving a truly seamless and sleek installation!

These fixing brackets are easy to use and come with complete installation instructions. Fix them to the wall and make sure that the second bracket is aligned to the surround so you can simply lift it on and off. Redecorating? All you have to do is lift the cover or surround off the wall.

Fire surround fixing brackets by Evolution Fires will provide a genuine contemporary aesthetic with outstanding functionality for your surround. You can be confident that they are manufactured from high-quality materials that will not warp or bend and amazingly, they’re super affordable.

You can purchase these fixing brackets together with your fireplace surround. We offer free delivery to anywhere in the UK. You will get everything in three to five working days, so you won’t have to wait long to start your project!