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Now You Can Install a Fireplace Surround in Just 3 Easy Steps!

What is a fireplace surround and why should you install one? It’s an architectural object that is designed to be placed around the outer wall of a fireplace. It surrounds the opening of a fireplace and usually comes with a mantel, legs & breast.

A fireplace surround can add aesthetic beauty to your fireplace. It is available in a wide range of designs & materials including tiles, stone, cast iron, and wood. Some are even decorated with carvings, and ornamental features. For sure you will find one that can match your wall and the theme of your living space.

Aside from being beautiful, a fireplace surround also provides safety benefits. It can add a layer of protection so that fire or heat won’t damage or penetrate the wall above the fire!

So, how do you install a fireplace surround?

  1. Make sure that the dimensions are right.

Whether you are building it from scratch or buying one off the shelf, you want to make sure that the dimensions are correct so that the fit is perfect. The easier way to do this is to opt for made-to-measure services. The manufacturer can come to your home and measure everything. They can also execute your preferred style or design. If you plan to go the DIY route, make sure to take accurate measurements.

  1. Clean and prepare the surface.

Prepare the surface where the fireplace surround will be placed. Make sure that all areas of construction are clean, flat, and level. This way, you can achieve a clean and tidy look.

  1.  Fit the fireplace surrounds.

Fireplace surrounds are normally placed against a back panel that often comes with a matching hearth. If you are updating an existing fireplace and keeping your pre-installed marble set then one vital measurement to take into account is the distance from the wall to the front of the marble back panel. This dimension is call the rebate and will need to be given to the manufacture of the surround to ensure a nice clean fit of your surround

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