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Know All About the Best Designer Fireplaces in the UK

Selecting a fireplace can be overwhelming when considering the many different styles available. Even if you already have an idea of what you want, it can be challenging to find a fireplace that looks exactly like it. If you need inspiration, check out designer fireplaces in the UK.  These are pre-built and custom Designs made by a reputable fireplace manufacturer with an in-house team of skilled craftspeople, and they come in a range of designs to suit different types of home interiors.

Nowadays, designer fireplaces are not only limited to traditional log-burning or natural gas heating appliances and structures. They also include electric fireplaces, which can be good options if you’re looking for something easy to install, low-maintenance, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

What are the best designer fireplaces in the UK?

Wall-mounted electric fires: Floating fires or wall-mounted fireplaces come in a range of unique and luxurious designs that will fit and flatter all kinds of interiors.

Fireplace suites: Electric fireplace suites come in different styles to suit your taste or interior design. Fire suites sit against a flat wall without a recess or chimney. They can be finished in timeless neutral colours to go well with a panoramic HD+ 3-sided flame.

Media walls: Pre-built media walls can be customised to complement your TV’s size and other additions, such as a soundbar. Reputable manufacturers can finish them for you or deliver them paint-ready. Media walls eliminate the need for plastering or an extensive remodel to make the wall ready for an electric fire with a flatscreen TV.

Features of designer fireplaces in the UK

Designer fireplaces are built with durable materials and arrive fully packaged or assembled for easy installation. Some have premium features, such as a panoramic HD screen with a three-sided flame effect for a more realistic look. You get a touchscreen display and remote-controlled heat settings, too. You can run the flames without the heat any time of the year and adjust them to your desired temperature.

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