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How to Choose the Best Electric Wall-Mounted Fire in the UK for Your Home

Designed for the modern home, an electric wall-mounted fire isa perfect alternative to traditional fireplaces, bringing all the heat without any of the mess. But before going on a shopping spree, what are some things you should remember? Here’s your guide to selecting the bestelectric wall-mounted firefor your home:


Electric fireplaces come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular choice is the wall-mounted fire, which is perfect for saving floor space. Electric wall-mounted fires offer a more contemporary look.

To consider other alternatives, read further about three-sided fires, fireplace suites, and media walls.

Flame technology

As you may have guessed, electric fires do not produce real flames like traditional fireplaces. Instead, they emit heat independent of a virtual flame that only mimics a fire. This makes electric fireplaces safer, especially if you have kids and/or pets.

Thequality offlame effects varies widely, though Different manufacturers will use different technologies. Arealistic panoramic HD+ flame can make your experience more immersive, while other fires are equipped with water mist to give an illusion of smoke.

It’s best to buy a unit that allows you to customise the flame. You can adjust its colours, side lighting, and brightness to suit your preferences.

Size and heat output

Finally, don’t forget to consider the fireplace size. This includes its heat output, measured in British thermal units (BTUs). To determine how many BTUs you need, follow these steps:

  • Measure the square footage of your room.
  • Multiply the square footage by ten. This number will be the amount of wattage you need in your unit. For example, a 120 sq. ft. room will require around 1200W of heat.
  • Determine your electric wall-mounted fire’s BTU by multiplying its number of watts by 3.41. For instance, a 750W to 1500W unit can output between 2557.5 to 5115 BTU of heat.

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