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Get Creative with a Media Wall to Give an Exquisite Look to Your Home!

A media wall is a wall in your home that features an electric inset fireplace and a flat screen TV. The fireplace used for this type of wall normally has3-sided glass for multiple viewing angles. It also has a screen that shows real-life burning logs and flames, recreating the ambience that conventional fireplaces offer. A media wall is common in many modern homes. Asmost new homesare now built without chimney breast media walls add character to your living space.

A media wall can be an incredible addition for any home. It makes a great focal point for a living room or even a bedroom. The inset type of fireplace for a media wall is easy to install, too. You don’t have to hire a professional to do it. Need ideas on how to set it up? Here are some creative and practical tips:

Pre-built, Paint Ready Media Walls?

If you want your media wall to look sleek the most popular option is a 3-sided electric media wall. Evolution Fires pre-built, paint ready media wall packages are affordable and costhalf the price of most other options. Simple installation, no plastering required No mess no stress. 

Make sure that the heater is correctly positioned.

An electric fireplace generates heat and depending on the model the heater can be placed top, bottom, sides and even the face, which can cause damage to anything near it. Because you are placing it close to your television, you have to ensure that it is in the correct position. Make sure that the heater is front, downward facing, so that it won’t damage the TV above.

Check if the wall has outlets for both TV and electric fires 

Some homeowners build stud walls so that they can easily hide the unsightly cables. This can make the media wall look tidier and more stylish.

Evolution Fires has a wide selection of fireplaces suitable for media walls. Check out our selection and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need suggestions and expert guidance!

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