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Electric Fireplace Suites — Everything You Need to Know

Does your home feel a little cold even with the heating on? Do you want to recreate the look of a traditional fireplace without doing a major renovation? An electric fireplace suite is a perfect addition, providing aesthetics and heat in your home.

Benefits of installing an electric fireplace suite

You may be familiar with conventional fireplaces that emit heat by burning gas or wood. They’re the classic heating system for most homes, but they aren’t the most efficient.

Just like traditional fireplaces, electric fires provide heat and warmth, but they don’t require a source of fuel. They work just like your other electrical appliances. Plug them in, and they’re ready to go

Because of this, electric fireplaces are significantly much easier to use. They don’t produce any ash or soot, making cleaning a lot less complicated. In addition, they are safer for everyone living in your home, making them a great selection essentially if there are kids, pets in the home.

But the best thing is; electric fires are highly affordable. You don’t have to shoulder the costs of installation and remodelling a new fireplace. You can mount them on your wall and plug them into an electrical power source.

Choosing the perfect electric fireplace suite for your home

Like traditional fireplaces, you’ll need to choose an electric fire that can effectively heat the space you need. This means you must consider the unit’s size and heat output.

Fortunately, it’s easy to determine the wattage or BTUs you need in a room. Just measure the area accurately and use an online calculator to get the results. For example, an 8x8ft or 16sq. ft room will require at least 3801 BTUs or 1140W to heat up by 15°C.

It’s also vital to look for handy features such as adjustable heat settings, flame brightness, fuel bed color, and timer settings.

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