Electric Fireplace Accessories

Complement your electric fireplace with a choice from our 8 piece hand-painted log set or large acrylic crystals 

£12.99 ( Price includes VAT & Delivery )

£99.00 ( Price includes VAT & Delivery )

£35.99 ( Price includes VAT & Delivery )

Make your electric fireplace more attractive with our accessories. These products can transform electric fireplaces into extraordinary and attractive focal points in any space. Whether you are looking to add more convenience to the installation of a floating electric fire or you want to make your electric wall fires more realistic, you’ll find the accessories you need right here!

We offer fire surround hidden fixing brackets that will prevent any unsightly mirror clips and visible screws. These are especially designed to allow you to fix the wooden surrounds and radiator covers to a wall. They make it easy to redecorate, too.

Do you want more realistic inset electric fires? Throw in a set of resin logs. Check out the Vegas Log Set, which contains 8 pieces of resin-moulded logs that are specifically designed for electric fires. They can make electric fireplaces look and feel more traditional!

Do you want to provide an entertaining light show with your floating electric fire? We offer a set of four large resin crystals, each one about three inches big. They complement the different flame colours that can transform your room’s atmosphere while the built-in heating that comes with our electric wall fires keep you warm and toasty.