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5 Reasons Why You Need an Electric Fire in the UK

No longer just a passing trend, electric fires in the UK have gone mainstream, allowing many people to create stunning focal points in their homes. Electric fires are definitely here to stay, and it’s time you switched. Here are some of the major reasons why you need an electric fireplace in your home:

  1. Very easy to use 

Having an electric fireplace, you can enjoy sitting by the fire any time of the day or night with or without heat. There are no fumes or any complicated steps to operate it. An electric fire in the UK works like any plug-and-play appliance. Just plug it, turn it on, set the temperature, and relax. The LED screen that features realistic colour flames will make it feel like you are really sitting beside a traditional open fireplace.

  1. Simple installation 

Installing an electric fire in the UK is quick and easy this is also true for an evolution fires pre-built media wall, fire surrounds or 3-sided fire. Our prebuilt media walls with 3 sided panoramic electric fire comes with all the mounting hardware you need to install it directly on your wall. A fireplace insert, on the other hand, fits inside a traditional fireplace. Electric fireplaces are also simple to remove. They are even portable, which means that you can bring them with you when you relocate to a new property. 

  1. Little to no maintenance 

Traditional open fireplaces and stoves look charming, but the maintenance can be very expensive cleaning them out and purchasing the coal and logs you also must hire professionals to perform a chimney sweep annually. This is not a problem with electric fireplaces because they don’t need fuel, there will be no fumes to deal with. 

  1. Good value for money 

Some people are hesitant to buy a electric fires in the UK thinking that they are not built to last. Perhaps they have encountered units from cheap brands. With electric fireplaces. you get what you pay for. If you are buying from leading manufacturers, expect great value for money and great customer service. They are designed with the best materials, allowing them to serve you for many years. 

  1. Energy efficient 

 What’s more, electric fireplaces are also designed with energy efficiency in mind they don’t waste heat in the same way open fireplaces do they will heat an area of your home evenly and efficiently so you can save money on energy bills.

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