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4 Tips for Choosing Fireplaces and Electric Fires

Are you shopping for fireplaces or electric fires? It’s important to look at certain factors to ensure that you will get the most value for your money. Here are the five things to think about when selecting fireplaces and electric fires:

Types of electric fires 

Electric fires come in various configurations: freestanding, inset, wall-mounted, radiant bar, and electric stoves. Each type has pros and cons, but all of them are great options. The right choice really boils down to your style preferences!

If you have a small space, consider buying inset and wall-mounted fireplaces and electric fires. If you want something that looks more traditional, then you can choose either an electric stove or a freestanding fireplace. 

Flame effects 

Electric fireplaces feature the illusion of flames with the option of heat if required to recreate the ambience that traditional fireplaces offer. Not all manufacturers are able to recreate the effect and a real fire, though. Be sure to check the flame effects of the electric fireplace that you want before buying it.


The size of electric fireplaces is measured in BTUs. or KW It matters because it tells you how much heat an electric fire can produce and how much energy it will consume. While choosing a model with the highest BTU seems like the most sensible thing to do, it is not always necessary. A fireplace that’s too big for your room will simply waste energy and money. So, how do you decide on the size? Consider the size of your space. For a 400 sq. ft. room, an electric fireplace rated 4000-5000 BTU will suffice.

Extra features 

The best thing about these electric fireplaces is that they come with extra functionalities that make them easier to use than traditional fireplaces. Some of the features worth considering include touch screen displays, choice of fuel beds, colour changing flame effects, remote control, timer, temperature control, and auto shut off. You can find all these features and more in electric fireplaces by Evolution Fires.


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