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Why are Floating Electric Fires Flexible and a Perfect Fit for Your Home?

Having trouble choosing between a wood-burning stove and a gas fireplace? What if the answer isn’t in any of the given options? There’s one alternative that’s so often overlooked: floating electric fires!

What you need to know about floating electric fires

What makes floating fires so special? If you look at traditional fireplaces, they rely on two fuel sources: gas or wood. Floating fireplaces, on the other hand, only require electricity to operate. This gives them the following advantages:


At first glance, buying an electric fire instead of a traditional fireplace might seem more expensive. But that is hardly the case. When you purchase an electric fireplace, you only pay for the unit and the electricity to run it, which is not much. In fact, electric fires will only cost you around £18 a year to run. On the contrary, gas and wood fireplaces require construction work on top of the unit costs. You might also have to build a new chimney.

Ease of use

As previously mentioned, installing a gas or wood fireplace requires you to do construction work and set up new venting lines. In most cases, you’ll need the help of a certified installer to complete the project properly. You don’t have to deal with these inconveniences when investing in a floating electric fire. For instance, Evolution Fires’ Alpha fireplace already comes fully assembled, and you just have to mount it to your wall.

Plus, electric fireplaces come with a plethora of features you won’t find in traditional units. You’ll be enjoying an innovation of modern technology with realistic flames, ambient lighting, touch screen controls and adjustable colour and temperature settings.


One risk of traditional fireplaces is that they emit a ton of smoke, some of which can escape into your house instead of going up the chimney. Floating electric fires eliminate this problem, providing heat without the need to burn any fuel.

You can check out Evolution Fires’ range of electric fireplaces to find the system that suits your needs best!

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