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What Type of Fire to Use in A Media Wall with Fire?

If you want a bespoke design and a distinctive look for your living space, you should consider getting a media wall with fire. Built-in electric fires are commonly known as ‘media walls’, ‘wall-mounted electric fires,’ and ‘electric fires.’ Regardless of what you call them, they are easy to install in a false chimney breast that’s made of plasterboard or timber or within a pre-built chimney breast. Manufacturers of contemporary electric fires carry them in different styles, so you should be able to find the perfect product that suits your specific preferences.

One of the perks of using a media wall with fire is it beautifully transforms your interiors into a welcoming and attractive area for entertaining or relaxing. Simply choose and customise the flame’s pattern and colour from the touchscreen display panel and modify the heat settings using the remote control. These are convenient features that enable you to use the heat function independently from the flames.

A media wall with three-sided electric fires comes with a wide selection of flame options. Its features include a realistic flame effect and a stunning media bed available in 10 colours. You’ll find three different dimmable flame colours, too, so you can customise the electric fire to achieve a specific look and feel that you want for your space or set the mood.

Another crucial decision you’ll have to make is choosing an appropriate-sized electric fireplace to go well with your media wall with fire. Some manufacturers make this easier by providing built-in and wall-mounted three-sided electric fires. No matter what you choose, installation should be easy as the product already comes with a hand-painted log set and large three-inch crystals to add to the overall aesthetics of the electric fire. Be sure to purchase your electric fires from a reputable local manufacturer that offers necessary warranties with their products.

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