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What Size 3-Sided Fire Shall I Choose from Evolution Fires Advance Range or Spectrum Range?

3-sided fire provides attractive flames you can enjoy from the sides and the front, making them aesthetically pleasing for any room. One of the things you can appreciate about it is the range of installation options. It can be mounted or built into a wall, so you should be able to find a model that suits your requirements. Moreover, it comes as built-in models, which can open on all sides, or consider a style with one or two enclosed sides to get the look of an open corner fireplace. You could even install a three-sided fire into a cabinet to make it look like two floating mantels over and above the flame display.

Why choose 3-sided fires?

3-sided fire may be best if you want a customised and eye-catching look for a specific room or area in your home. It lets you see the flames from all sides, and it can be customised to suit specific installation requirements. You can design a custom media wall and install it yourself, or hire a professional for complex designs. A built-in electric fireplace can be installed in a false chimney breast made of plasterboard or timber or within a pre-built chimney breast.

As you browse the range of 3-sided fires, you’ll likely come across many options from different manufacturers, such as Evolution Fires. This guide can help you pick the best three-sided electric fireplace from Evolution Fires.

Where can I find 3-sided fires?

Evolution Fires is one of the leading manufacturers of 3-sided electric fireplaces in the UK. It has 30 years of combined experience in the hearth industry, and with this advantage, Evolution Fires aims to deliver high-quality products that surpass your expectations. Its manufacturing facility is in Burscough, and every product is built by skilled in-house craftspeople. This way, it can cater to any specification in particular finishes and materials to create the perfect 3-sided fire for your home.

All 3-sided fires by Evolution Fires come with the best warranties in the industry, so you need not worry about anything.

What are the options?

Evolution Fires lets you design your own media wall with their 3-sided fires. It has a wide range of flame choices, each with a realistic flame effect and a stunning fuel bed, making its selection perfect for any residence or room. Its range currently includes the Advance and Spectrum ranges. Here’s an overview of each range, and the types of 3-sided fires you can expect.

Advance Range

The Evolution Advance Range features HD+ electrics with widescreen panoramic HD fires, featuring the latest technologies for adjustable flame effects in 1000s colour options. The 3-sided fire has colour adjustable downlighters, too, along with four brightness options and a very realistic flicker flame fuel bed.

The Widescreen Panoramic HD fire can be installed in different ways: single-sided fire (front view), 3-sided fire (front view and two side views), or a two-sided fire (front view and a side view). The Evolution Advance Series comes in three different sizes: Panoramic HD +1800, 1500, and 1300.

Features found in the Advance Range

The 3-sided fires in the Advance Series have the following features:

  • Changeable fuel bed colours and multiple flame colours
  • Digital thermostat
  • Dimmable flame settings
  • Two heater settings and a seven-day timer
  • Wi-Fi control, manual control, app control, and remote control
  • Long-life low-energy LED flame technology
  • Changeable fuel bed, coals, white stones, embers and logs, and clear crystals.

Spectrum Range

The Evolution Spectrum Range features a larger screen for a panoramic and high-definition electric fire experience. It offers modern built-in fireplaces with panoramic HD and a three-sided flame effect. All products from the Spectrum Series arrive fully packaged for easy plug-and-play installation.

The Spectrum Range features a three-sided viewing area, a realistic flame pattern, and a touchscreen display. Each product is fully remote-controlled and has an independent heat setting, which you can adjust or turn off, depending on your requirements. The fires come in different sizes, such as 50, 60, and 72 inches.

3-sided fire in the Spectrum Series has the following features:

  • 3 ambience LED side lighting colours
  • 10 different media bed colour options
  • 10 different log light colour options
  • 750W to 1500W heat settings
  • 5 flame brightness settings
  • 6 large three-inch crystals
  • 8-piece hand-painted log set

Choosing the right size

Whether you’re selecting a 3-sided fire from the Advance or Spectrum series, always consider the room where you plan to install it. Measure the room’s width and length and multiply them, to find the area. You should also consider the available space to determine the most suitable heat output, measured in BTU. A higher BTU means a greater heat output from the electric fireplace. The electric fireplace should have 1000W of power for every 100 square foot of room area.

You can also refer to your preferred installation when determining the correct size. Here are some of the installation options in detail:

  • Full-width three-sided – This installation will make your 3-sided firerun across the entire width of your media wall. The three glass sides become part of the wall.
  • Recessed – This is another popular installation option where the appliance is recessed slightly into the wall. The walls of the media wall will be wider than the fireplace. The media wall could also overhang slightly.

Other considerations

When choosing 3-sided fires, you’ll need to consider these questions:

  • Where will I install it?
  • Is heat necessary?
  • What type of installation will suit my choice?
  • Does style matter?
  • How much space is available in the room?
  • What’s my budget?

Answering these questions can help you make informed choices. If you need help, you can always reach out to Evolution Fires. Its in-house team is ready to analyse your requirements and advise you on the best 3-sided fire that will suit them. Evolution Fires builds high-quality 3-sided fires in different styles, so you won’t have any problems finding an appropriate one to match your unique needs.

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