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What Size 3-Sided Electric Fire Should I Choose?

Customising a media wall can be an exciting and fun project. You just must find the right manufacturer of 3 sided electric fires and make sure to browse their wide selection of flame options, flame effects, and fuel beds. One of the things you’ll have to consider when choosing a 3-sided electric fire is the size. This guide should help you make the optimum choice.

Understanding 3-sided electric fires

Unlike conventional electric fireplaces, the 3-sided electric fire has flames that are observable from the front and the sides. It can be mounted on a wall or built into a wall, and it comes in different installation options to suit your specific requirements. For instance, you can opt to make the fireplace two-sided with only one of the sides exposed or have it fully recessed into the wall to enjoy realistic flames.

Which size is right for you?

Refer to the size of your TV to determine the right size for your electric fires. The electric fire and the TV shouldn’t overwhelm each other. A 3-sided electric fire should typically be a few inches longer than the length of your TV, so be sure to determine the actual dimensions of your TV before you order the electric fireplace.

Reputable manufacturers of built-in 3-sided electric fires allow you to design your own media wall. They offer sizes such as 72”, 60”, 50”, and 44 inches so you should be able to find an appropriately sized built-in electric fire for your design. The manufacturer will work closely with you to ascertain that you get the right product with your desired fuel bed and other vital features. You can be sure that you’re investing in a high-quality 3-sided electric fire that will transform your modern interior into a welcoming and sophisticated space.

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