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Tips For Installing a Floating Electric Fire in the UK

Installing a floating electric fire should be painless when you buy the product from a reputable manufacturer. The process is quick and won’t require any special tools. The best electric fireplaces already come with all the hardware needed for a straightforward installation. Here are some tips to help you do it right:

Prepare for installation

Make sure that the space is ready for the floating fireplace. Clear it when necessary and make sure that there are no obstructions. You’ll want to ensure that an electrical outlet is nearby where you can plug the electric fireplace.

Read the manual

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing any electric fireplace. Thus, you can avoid making any costly mistakes that may void the product’s warranty.

Don’t rush

Most floating electric fires in the UK can be installed in under an hour. That said, avoid rushing the process and take your time. Unpack the electric fire carefully and remove the mounting bracket, which is secured to the back. Use the supplied fitting kit, and fix the mounting bracket to the wall. Once it’s in place, you can hang the fireplace onto the bracket.

Next, place the crystals onto the media bed. If your model comes with a log set, place the logs on top of the crystals.

Carefully install the front glass screen

Remove the four screws that have been slotted into the fireplace. Then, unpack the glass screen and place it carefully into the bottom tray of the electric fire. Push backward until the four tabs on the glass screen have lined up with the screw holes. Clamp the four screws back in place.

Once installed, the floating electric fireplace is ready to use. Turn it on, customise the flames and temperature, and enjoy your new electric fire.

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