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Selecting the Best Fireplace Surrounds for Sale from Evolution Fires

No fireplace would be complete without the right surround. It enhances the look and feel of the fireplace while providing protection! And luckily for you, Evolution Fires offers a wide range of top-quality fireplace surrounds.

The benefits of installing a fireplace surround

Fireplace surrounds or mantels go beyond just aesthetics. They also provide an additional layer of protection by preventing your walls from warping or cracking due to the constant changes in temperature and humidity.

In addition, a well-designed fireplace surround can boost your home’s value. So if you’re planning to sell the property in the next year or two, investing in a brand-new mantlepiece might be a good idea.

Types of fireplace surrounds for sale at Evolution Fires

Fireplace mantels come in various shapes and sizes.

Wooden oak surrounds are a popular option and are known for their contemporary, geometric designs. Another best-sellerare the pastel colour fireplace mantel, which isperfect if you’re looking for a durable yet economical addition to your home.

Are you looking for something more traditional?Nothing beats the timeless look and feel of a wooden fireplace surround. Evolution Fires’ mantels come in various colours and designs, all fully assembled!

Here are some of the fireplace surrounds for saleto check out:

  • Crystal Arch

The Crystal Arch surround features an arched opening that is both classic and contemporary. It comes in either white or cream.

  • Grace

The Grace surround has a rectangular opening designed for modern or industrial-style homes. You can have it built with beautiful Natural oak and add downlights for a more elegant look.

  • Daisy

Can’t choose between white oroak? Don’t worry—the Daisy surround can solve your problems! This fireplace mantel is entirely handmade with two different shades of wood.

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