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Our Guide to the Best Oak Fireplace Surrounds for Your Electric Fires

Mantels or surrounds are an integral part of a fireplace. They provide an additional layer of protection, preventing sparks from escaping and causing fires. 

Of course, fire hazards aren’t much of a concern when you have an electric fireplace.  An oak fireplace surround enhances the overall look and feel of your installation. They act as the focal point of your room, lasting for years to come. 

Oak fireplace surrounds are particularly great for your home. The material exhibits superior strength, withstanding external elements like moisture and heat. In addition, its natural and visually pleasing appearance can add character to your electric fire, regardless of its style and colour.

Here are some of the best fireplace surrounds to consider for your electric fires:

  • Balti surround

The Balti fireplace surround is an elegant mantel that can enhance the overall appearance of your electric fires. It frames your firebox stylishly, featuring a standard 1-inch rebate for easier installation.

You can order the Balti surround in white or cream, depending on your tastes.

  • Daisy surround

Can’t choose between two colours? Then, why not have both? The Daisy surround is a white or cream mantel featuring natural oak-coloured details, serving as the perfect focal point for your living room. 

  • Grace surround

If you want to stick to the classics, the Grace fireplace surround is your best bet. This stylish mantel has a heavy and boxy feel, protecting your electric fire from external elements. In addition, it comes in a beautiful oak shade with optional downlights.

Pair your oak fireplace surrounds with a modern electric fire. Evolution Fires offers everything you need to warm your home, from the best electric fireplace suits to high-quality mantels. 

Every product from Evolution Fires comes fully assembled, saving tons of installation time! You can browse our selection online and enjoy a comfortable shopping experience.

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