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How To Choose the Right Fireplace with Surround for Your Home

A fireplace is a major focal point that can affect the overall look and feel of your home. That’s why it is important to find the perfect fireplace with a surround that suits the theme of your living space and adds more character to it. Before you get caught up in the wide variety of mantelpiece options, there’s one important thing that you should consider—and that is the ‘type’ of fireplace you need. 

The right type of fireplace for your home 

Wood burning stove, electric fireplace, gas fireplace—each of these types has its own pros and cons. The best choice will depend on your requirements and preferences. These days, electric fireplaces with surround are gaining a lot of attention not only because of their affordability but also because they are convenient to use and are energy-efficient.  

Consider the type of material used for the surround 

Some of the most common materials used for a fireplace surround or mantelpiece include wood, stone, marble, and cast iron. Wood is a great choice for all types of homes. It can easily create a warm and cozy ambiance. Wood surrounds can be made from oak, mahogany, and pine. They come in a range of colours and tones to match all themes. 

Stone and marble surrounds are opulent choices. This is especially true for real marble, as each piece is unique. However, they tend to be expensive. Cast iron can be costly, too, but it can make up for the cost with its hard-wearing properties. A fireplace with a surround made of cast iron can also add a unique charm to your home. 

Take note of the risks                    

Because fireplaces emit heat, there is always the risk of fire and burning. That’s why you should follow the safety standards in installing them, such as keeping combustible materials away. Even the fireplace surround is also at risk, but you can avoid problems by taking precautionary measures and choosing the right type of mantelpiece. Electric fireplaces are perfect for a fireplace surround as they don’t produce as much heat as a gas fire.  

If you are planning on using a wood-burning stove, then a wood surround is not the best choice. You can technically still use wood if you want, but you must ensure that there’s a wide gap between the stove and the mantelpiece to prevent burning and scorching. Marble can resist high temperatures. However, it can become vulnerable under intense heat from solid fuel fireplaces.

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