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Electric Fires Buying Guide

Looking for electric fire insets but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. At first, the numerous choices can be quite confusing, but you’ll soon have an easier time shopping after reading the guide below.

How to choose the best electric fire inset — a quick buying guide

Inset fires are made to sit inside a cavity rather than extend out into the hearth, taking up less space on your walls. They can come in both gas and electric variants; however, electric insets are the better choice if you want to be safer and more environmentally friendly. Here’s what you need to consider when buying an electric fire inset:

  • Type

First, consider the type of fuel you want to come with your inset. As mentioned before, electric fires are preferred due to their safety and efficiency.

On top of that, electric fireplaces are also much easier to install and maintain. All you need is the unit and a constant power supply, and you’re all set!

  • Size

Unlike building a brand-new fireplace, fire insets are pre-made to fit specific openings. Therefore, it’s best to measure your existing fireplace opening and make the necessary changes before buying a system.

  • Location

In relation to the past factors, make sure you carefully consider where you want to place the fireplace. You can never go wrong with making it the focal point of your living room, but you can also put it in the bedroom, office, or entertainment room.

  • Features

Finally, what additional features do you want to see from the fireplace? Luckily, electric fire insets are packed with many functions and settings to enhance their convenience.

For instance, the three-sided Elite 72 from Evolution Fires comes with three flame colour settings, temperature control options, and a touchscreen display!

Still have trouble finding a premium-quality electric fireplace? You can browse through Evolution Fires’ wide collection of insets, including the Elite range and the Media Wall packages!

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