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Complete Packages Including Surrounds for Wall Mounted Fires

There is a lot of decision-making involved when designing a wall-mounted electric fireplace. You’ll have to consider the mantel, size, and the overall design and features of the product. The good news is that the best manufacturers make all these easier by offering complete packages that already include surrounds for wall mounted electric fires. They have a good selection so you are sure to find a package that suits your needs you can check out the Vegas floating fireplace by evolution fires this is a stylish look.

What to expect

Wall-mounted electric fires come as complete electric suites, providing an effective and straightforward way to place an attractive centrepiece to any room. Each product is carefully designed and built by skilled craftspeople, so you can expect contemporary and aesthetically pleasing electric fireplaces with stylish surrounds.

Some packages with surrounds for wall mounted electric fires come with a panoramic HD 3-sided flame, so you can view the flames from the front and the sides. They have provisions to be hung flat on a wall without requiring a recess or chimney, giving the illusion of a floating hearth plinth without occupying any floor space. This makes them ideal for newly built or modern homes without chimneys, but they can certainly be installed in homes with chimneys, too. They are targeted at homeowners looking for a versatile fireplace that lets them enjoy the flame with or without the heater function at any time of the year.

Ready to install

Complete packages with surrounds for wall mounted electric fires will arrive at your doorstep fully assembled. Then follow the easy installation instructions. The package comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, too. Hang it on the wall using the provided mounting bracket, plug it in, and start enjoying your floating electric fire.

Designer wall-mounted floating electric fire packages come in a great selection of unique and sophisticated designs. You’ll have no problems finding something that can easily blend with your existing interior scheme.

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