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Choosing the Suitable Modern Fires and Surrounds

You can’t go wrong with modern fires and surrounds if you’re looking to add some style and warmth to your home. Fire surrounds create an attractive focal point wherever they’re installed and transform a room into an inviting and sophisticated space. The challenge is choosing a fire and suitable surrounds that will go with it. But don’t worry because this guide will help you make an informed choice:

Things to consider

What comes to mind when you think of a fireplace? Did you picture a traditional wood mantel and gas fire  feeding into a chimney or flue? Today  most modern homes are built without any of those features, and for these homes, electric modern fires and surrounds are the best alternatives.

Electric fires bring the warmth of conventional flames to a room with or without the heating function. That means they can be used year-round. Moreover, they don’t require extensive cleaning and maintenance necessary to keep gas and wood-burning fireplaces in good condition.

Which electric fires are best?

Electric fireplaces come in different styles. Wall-mounted electric fires are great when there are space constraints, as they can be hung onto or fitted directly into the wall. If you want modern fires and surrounds, look for inset electric fireplaces. They can include high-quality log sets to create a more convincing visual effect with a relaxing glow to add to the look and feel of your room.

Choosing surrounds

The right surrounds will provide the perfect finish to your electric fireplace. However, they should go well with your room’s theme or interior design. Modern fires and surrounds come in different finishes, with wood being one of the most popular. Your choice depends on your taste, you could prefer something minimalist or more ornate.

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