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Check Out Concealed Fire Surround Brackets with Detailed Information

Do you want to enhance the look of your fireplace? The brackets used to install your fireplace is an essential addition to your fireplace.

Why do you need top-quality fire surround brackets for your fireplace?

Most fireplaces are fitted using brass mirror plates which can be seen when positioned on side of each of the legs. No more ugly mirror clips and visible screws!

These fixings enable the fixing of wooden fire surrounds to the wall

Simply fix the brackets to the wall and align the second bracket to the surround and then you can lift it on and off.

If you wish to redecorate simply lift the surround or cover off the wall.

Allows a real contemporary look with great functionality at a bargain price

The best fire surround brackets in the UK

What’s great about fireplace surrounds is that you can have them made according to your individual preferences. And if there’s one place you can trust with the best quality and craftsmanship, it’s Evolution Fires!

Here are a few products you can check out before finalising your decision:

  1. Balti Surround

The Balti Surround is a crowd favourite, known for its dome-shaped surround and wide and flat mantel. It’s a timeless piece that comes in white or cream, as well as with optional downlights for a classic look!

  1. Mercia Surround

The Mercia Surround is a beautiful piece of woodwork that comes in cream, white, and oak finishes. It can accommodate a standard 37’’x37” back panel and a 1” rebate. You can adjust the rebate size to 3” depending on your back panel.

  1. Peninne Surround

If you’re looking for a sturdier, stockier style, the Peninne Surround will not disappoint! It will frame any fireplace attractively, catching eyes with a smooth walnut or cream finish.

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