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5 Things You Didn’t Know about Modern Fireplaces Electric

Most modern fireplaces are electric. The increasing demand for safe, energy-efficient, and user-friendly fireplaces is one of the things that drive manufacturers to design these types of fireplaces. Are you interested in installing one in your home? Here are some things you might not know about the modern electric fireplace:

The most environment-friendly option

When it comes to timeless elegance, nothing quite beats an open fireplace. But as beautiful as it is, it causes a lot of damage to the environment because it emits smoke and consumes a lot of fuel but does not provide the most efficient heating. A gas fireplace can heat up a space excellently, but because it emits harmful gases like carbon monoxide, it is not that environment-friendly.

The great thing about an electric fireplace is that it doesn’t burn fuel, doesn’t produce emissions, and uses energy efficiently. This is why it is considered a green choice!

100% efficient  

Modern electric fireplaces from well-known brands have efficiency ratings of up to 100%. This means that most of the energy or 100% of the electricity that the fireplace uses goes into producing heat. Even though they tend to need more energy to produce heat, you can be sure that the electricity is consumed and not wasted.


Because they don’t use wood or fuel to generate heat, they don’t need to emit smoke. This is one of the biggest advantages of electric fireplaces. You can make your home warm without worrying about the smells and safety concerns associated with real fire.

Cheaper option 

A lot of people think that modern electric fireplaces are expensive because of the design and technology that goes into them. But they’re actually quite affordable. The truth is that they are cheaper than other types of fireplaces!

Mimics real fire 

To recreate that quaint and cosy ambience that traditional fireplaces provide, electric fireplaces feature a fire display. Electric fireplaces from Evolution Fires are well known for ultra-realistic flames.

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