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5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Modern Electric Fires and Surrounds!

Are you in the market for modern electric fires and surrounds? One thing to note is that they differ greatly from traditional fireplaces, despite the similarities in terms of function. So before you go shopping, it’s important to understand how these heating systems work!

Things you must know about modern electric fires and surrounds:

  1. Electric fireplaces have been around for longer than you think.

Did you know that the first electric fire was invented in 1912? Manufacturers have been experimenting with electricity since the 19th century, producing the precursors to today’s batteries, fans, and lights. However, modern electric fireplace technology was only introduced in the 1980s.

  1. Fireplace surrounds consist of three components.

The surround is often used interchangeably with fireplace mantels; however, the latter is just one part of the entire unit. In fact, fireplace surrounds ultimately have three design components: the mantel, legs, and the breast which when combined create the complete design.

  1. Fireplace mantels are more than just protection.

In medieval times, the mantelpiece was developed to prevent smoke from entering the room, diverting it up the chimney instead. But technology has since evolved, and these days, mantels are more decorative than functional. The decorative purpose of the mantel is often seen in modern electric fires and surrounds, where there is no smoke to direct to the chimney.

  1. Not all fireplace surrounds are the same.

Most fireplaces including surrounds can be made of various materials. Wood is the most common and, in most cases, the most affordable, but concrete, brick, cast iron, and marble are great alternatives.

Depending on the material used, fireplace surrounds can give different feels to your home. Neither choice would affect its functionality; however, a wooden surround normally gives the impression of warmth.

  1. Modern electric fires and surrounds offer excellent value for your money.

Thinking of renovating your home anytime soon? If you’re looking for top-quality electric fires and surrounds, there’s only one place to go: Evolution Fires.

Evolution Fires offers a wide range of surrounds, each crafted individually to suit your unique needs!

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